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29 September > 9 December 2012

opening: 29 September, 6pm

Curators: Inês Moreira and Aneta Szylak.

Fábrica ASA, Guimarães


The exhibition BUILDINGS AND REMNANTS presents 30 new art projects, creating a dialogue on post-industrial spaces and their remnants. The exhibition takes place in the G Sector of the ASA Factory, located in the industrial area of Covas, thus creating a tautological continuity: a huge hangar belonging to a disused and established factory houses works which are a reflection on post-industrial spaces. In this special context, container-content, space-object, history-experience, work-memory, and productive-unproductive are rearranged in an ephemeral space where the contemporary rethinks itself, experimenting with new methodologies.

How to read, record and transform the post-industrial? Or, more specifically, what should be done with post-industrial spaces? On an immersive path, we encounter ideas and images, ranging from romantic visions of progress and the grandiosity of the industrial landscape to exhaustive historical surveys of large factories. These readings are amplified by subjective appropriations of spaces, such as poetic readings of spaces, abandoned objects and their potentialities. The exhibition shows the political dimension of labour and the economy through personal accounts and records as well as new visions of the reconstruction of buildings, whether in relation to their architecture, the creation of materials in technological sciences, or the rehabilitation, conservation and restoration of industrial materials. An iconic brick chimney is constructed in-loco, using a technique that has now disappeared.

The projects on display emerge from a range of different fields such as art, architecture, photography, design, sound, cinema, engineering, history, archaeology, anthropology, or ethnography, and are organized along six different lines: SPATIALITY, Alicja Karska & Aleksandra Went, André Cepeda, Arturo Franco, Jordi Badia, Marius Waras, Paulo Mendes, Pedro Bandeira & Sofia Santos & Joana Nascimento. PERFORMATIVITY Dorota Nieznalska, Julita Wojcik, Michal Szlaga, Pedro Tudela, The Decorators. AFFECTIVITY Jonathan Saldanha, Pedro Araújo & Ecomuseu de Barroso, Grzegorz Klaman, Frederico Lobo & Tiago Hespanha. MATERIALITY Eduardo Matos, Konrad Pustola, Micael Nussbaumer, Patrícia Azevedo Santos, Rui Manuel Vieira. OBJECTUALITY Archive of Post-Materials, Private Collections of Labels, Mariana Jacob, Muralha – Associação de Guimarães para a Defesa do Património, Nuno Coelho, Reimagining Guimarães, Sociedade Martins Sarmento. TECHNICALITY ISEP Museum, FEUP Museum, C&R Lab – IPTomar.